Want to Keep Those Resolutions and Add Home Value? Build a Home Gym

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Want to Keep Those Resolutions and Add Home Value? Build a Home Gym

When it comes to adding value to your home, there are numerous options at your disposal. Not only do renovations need to add function to your space, but in all likelihood, you’ll want them to have a good return on investment (ROI), too. An addition like a sunroom can be a big investment, but it can also pay off. If it’s used around four times per day, your ROI can come out to be 89% to 115% of your original cost.

Other homeowners may go the landscaping route, or you may even want to add a high-value space like a bathroom. Bathroom additions offer an average ROI of 86.4%, so they’re a common choice for many families. But if you’re looking to add value and reap some physical benefits from your revamp, a home gym might be an excellent option.

Despite the fact that we’re a month into the new year, many people are still trying to get their fitness on track and check off those annual resolutions. But in the cold, dark winters, it can be difficult to muster up the motivation to head out to the gym before or after the workday is done. If you have a bonus room, unused office, old nursery, or guest bedroom you don’t use in your home, you can easily combat the winter woes by turning that space into a home gym.

You should start by selecting a space that fits your needs and will motivate you to exercise. It’s much better to choose a space you see all the time, rather than deciding to locate your home gym downstairs in the basement. You don’t even have to sacrifice an existing space with certain equipment; if you’re a yoga fan or use a smaller stationary machine, it’s fairly easy to add it to a larger space like a family room.

You’ll want to ensure that your home gym space has adequate lighting and good acoustics for your regular routine. If you like to exercise at night or listen to music without headphones, your home gym needs to be comfortable and conducive to a good workout.

When everything you need to amp your fitness levels and reduce your stress is right there at home, you’ll be much more motivated to achieve your goals. Not only will you add extra function to your property, but you’ll also save yourself money by eliminating the need for that gym membership. Plus, the whole family can work out on their own schedule. Suddenly, that new year’s resolution won’t seem so far-fetched!

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