Puppy Bowl Helps Dogs Without Homes Get Adopted

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Puppy Bowl Helps Dogs Without Homes Get Adopted

On Superbowl Sunday, most of us are thinking about just one game. This year, we anxiously awaited the New England Patriots to battle it out for their title as Superbowl Champions with the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, February 4. But this wasn’t the only game that viewers couldn’t wait to see.

The Puppy Bowl takes place every year the same day as the Superbowl. This year, 2018’s Puppy Bowl was the 14th annual game, with Team Ruff and Team Fluff facing off for the title as champions. CBS News tells us that the game has virtually no rules. The puppies simply have to get a chew toy into an end zone, and it doesn’t even have to be their own end zone.

Aside from being an adorable display of sports and play time, the Puppy Bowl is actually helping so many dogs and puppies. In fact, 100% of the dogs that participate in the Puppy Bowl are from rescue groups and shelters across the country. CBS News reports that the adoption rate of these puppies is nearly 100% as well. There are hundreds of volunteers at the event, and the puppies are on national television, being seen by millions of people across the country, so they are bound to get adopted.

This year’s group of pups had a very special story. The Puppy Bowl puppies came exclusively from natural disaster zones in Texas, Florida, Mexico, and Puerto Rico this year. Because dozens of dogs get adopted every year that are featured in the Puppy Bowl, they knew that their efforts would be successful. These dogs were at risk of being ignored because so many other efforts are happening to relieve the people of those affected areas, so the team decided the best thing to do to bring them attention was to put them on the Puppy Bowl.

Animal Planet is now following suit by launching the Dog Bowl. They plan to air it the day before the Puppy Bowl next year, making a wider push on adoption for these dogs. They have already put their plans into motion, and they expect to have approximately 50 dogs from 16 shelters across the country. These pooches are all older dogs, as they get adopted less often than young dogs and puppies.

Forbes tells us that 92% of pet owners still spent the same amount of money, if not more, on their animals than they normally would while we were in the most recent recession period. Hopefully the same goes for these dogs as they venture into their new homes.

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