A Brief Look at the Rise and Fall of Former USC Sports Star Owen Hanson

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A Brief Look at the Rise and Fall of Former USC Sports Star Owen Hanson

Owen Hanson was 33 years old with numerous successful business ventures and a degree from the University of Southern California, where he was an outside hitter on the volleyball team and a walk-on tight end during the Pete Carroll glory years. Then came September 9, 2015, when Hanson was arrested and charged with leading an international crime ring and drug trafficking business.

One the day of his arrest, Hanson had gone to see a relatively new associate of his named Al Wilson. They had spent several months working together, with Wilson treating Hanson and his wife to extravagant dinners. When Hanson pulled into the country club to play a round of golf with Wilson on September 9, he found the parking lot empty, aside from a huge F-350 pickup truck.

It wasn’t until after he got out of his car that Hanson saw the helicopter and about 30 agents coming out from the cover of the trees, guns drawn. Wilson was being led out of the building in handcuffs.

In total, 22 individuals were accused of being members of a criminal enterprise deemed ODOG. Hanson was singled out as their leader. As a result, Hanson’s home was foreclosed upon. A foreclosed home is one in which the owner can’t afford to pay their mortgage, and considering how long Hanson has been in custody, he certainly won’t get around to it.

In one of the most recent hearings on this case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Young revealed that Hanson had helped traffic over a ton of cocaine during his run with the crime ring.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) makes upwards of 30,000 arrests related to drug trafficking every year. Even though the DEA and other government agencies are working to quell the tide of illegal drugs entering the U.S., the issue remains a significant one facing the nation.

Hansen’s sentence is still being decided. Even after more than a year, we don’t know all of the details behind his crime ring.

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